How to Participate in TMCI

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Process and Members

TMCI holds semiannual professional meetings and occasional colloquia in which contributed papers, interchanges and resultant products that warrant our institute's existence are presented. We encourage external publication of worthy papers presented at our meetings, and we maintain a comprehensive library of reference material and appropriate TMCI papers, briefings and tapes.

The semiannual meetings, termed general working meetings, are usually held in the spring and fall at sponsoring organization offices. In recent years the Institute for Defense Analyses in Alexandria, Virginia has hosted our general working meetings, with occasional general working meetings hosted on the west coast at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

We are a diverse group of scholars, historians, students of war, soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and scientists. Disciplines range from military science to diplomacy and philosophy. We have polemologists, engineers, operations researchers, systems analysts, social scientists, and anthropologists who belong to TMCI.

Member Participation

TMCI expects participation in one form or another. Preferably, members will be inspired to contribute to our research, critiques and writings, but there are other ways to contribute--such as administrative support of the organization, participating in the learning experience as observers and commentators, and active professional contributions during meetings.

Individual membership fees are $40 per annum. Individual membership includes e-mail updates on activities, reviews of selected professional papers and presentations, and concepts and plans for future work.

Corporate membership fees are $500 per annum. Corporate membership entitles a company to three individual memberships. Corporate members associate with TMCI members on a professional level and are invited to provide concise information for a corporate member page on our Web site to describe activities of the member companies related to TMCI efforts.

Tax deductible donations are welcomed at any time.